Trucking Services

There is a High Demand For All Types of Trucking Services In The Bakken Regiontrucking-services-banner

The transportation of Aggregate is the second largest portion of Luminart’s business. Aggregate is transported 100% by truck and trailer.  The building sites purchase aggregate from the closest mine to minimize the expense of trucks and drivers. In addition to aggregate hauling, Luminart is actively pursuing the acquisition of a fleet of oil tankers and trucks. Crude oil is pumped into holding tanks, then transfers the product into tanker trucks.  The long term distribution of crude oil is generally by pipeline or rail cars, while the short interstate hauls are by truck.  Much of an oil tanker utilization is in transporting the oil from the oil well to the transfer site for pipeline or rail cars.

Luminart currently has 16 tractor trucks, 12 belly dump trailers, and a combination of side dump and end dump trucks and trailers.   Much of the contract requirements call for the product to be delivered to the construction site.  These deliveries are generally billed at an hourly rate for the truck and trailer.

B3 takes as much of this work as possible, with the balance being sub-contracted out to independent truckers.  B3 could effectively run 50 trucks, given the correct acquisition costs of the equipment.