General Contracting Services

Out West Field Services contracting

Luminart and it’s subsidiary companies operated in many oil site and road builds last year as a sub-contractor to another general contractor.  The larger oil companies who are operating in North Dakota put out their RFPs (request for proposals) only to general contractors.  Luminart, through it’s subsidiaries, White Star Sand & Gravel, and B3 Well Services were hired by the Contractors who had MSA (Master Service Agreements) with the oil companies. Luminart is now in the position to bid the jobs direct with the formation of OutWest Field Services.  Most of the initial work has been in building the base formations for the pipelines being laid and for the maintenance roads that are required.  Outwest has also engaged in the building of LACT (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer) stations for Bridger Inc. (one of the largest owners of pipeline distribution in the world).  These stations direct the crude sold through the pipelines, and measure it in exact quantities. OutWest is also engaged in the building of a new “man camp” living quarters to house Luminart employees.